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Our direct e-mail marketing service helps you connecting with millions of new potential customers worldwide.

Newsletter Design

Engage new users mean falling in love for your brand, this process pass trough a creative newsletter design.

Database Management

Having thousands of registered customers without monetize them is like be seated on a trasure without know it. We can help you do profits with your customers list without do spam.

Email Platform Check

Arrive in inbox is not a kind of magic, need competence and experience. We can help you to arrive in inbox with every single newsletter sent.

Law Support

Do the right thing mean also do them follow the law. In the e-mail marketing field laws can be tricky sometimes, that's why with our associated lawyer firm we can help you respect the rules.

Total Support

Our team is totally at your service, with Phone, Skype, Slack, Email of course. If you have a doubt, just ask.

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Email Marketing Made Easy

MajorDem has been founded to helps companies approaching with E-Mail Marketing service. At the moment, e-mail marketing represent one of the most profitable way to acquire new customers but find the right agency that could assist you in a professional manner is always hard. We try to provide you the best e-mail marketing service, making it really easy to use and always profitable.

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